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8 UHeart Organizing: Hospital Bag Checklist for Baby & Mom

I love that my contributors are filling my blog with baby content, because I am eight years out of diapers (I mean out of purchasing them, not wearing them to set the record straight) and I know I have a lot of expecting and new parents that check in.  Serena sent me this post a few weeks ago, and has since welcomed a beautiful baby girl.  I couldn't be more thrilled for her and her growing family, you can see her most recent baby update on her blog here.

Today, Serena is sharing with us a fantastically thought-out hospital bag checklist.  Boy do I wish I would have had this list when I gave birth.  So good and totally spot on!

With my first bub due any minute, the last few weeks I’ve been madly rushing around trying to get as much organized as possible before the baby comes.
Some of my errands have been practical (baby first aid course), and some ummmmm not so practical (tracking down perfectly pink baby moccasins – they sure are cute though!)

The one task I have made sure was completed was my hospital bag.

To me the hospital bag is so much more than the basics. It’s about everything you need plus a few little luxuries to help you along as you navigate the waters of the first few days of parenthood.

So without further adieu, here are my fave picks for the ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist…


  • Dressing Gown (Pictured: Pretty Plum Sugar Maternity Robe) – The perfect lightweight cover up for early labor and later on when you’re in the maternity ward.
  • Slippers and Socks (Pictured: Peter Alexander Slippers) – Is it just me or do your feet get FREEZING in hospital? Have some bedtime socks and daytime slippers will keep your tootsies warm.
  • Flip flops – Great for getting around and can be also worn in the shower if you like.
  • PJs
  • Comfortable clothes for around the hospital (Pictured: Country Road Tee) - Our hospital recommends new mums ditch the PJs as soon as they can to feel more themselves again.
  • Nursing Bras (Pictured: Chloe & Lola Nursing Bras) – Or comfortable support wear depending on your nursing plans.
  • Comfy Underwear – The best advice I’ve received is to bring a bunch of Bridget Jones style granny panties for the days after labor. Don’t worry Hugh Grant probably won’t be visiting (and if he is – lucky you!)
  • Pillow – To ensure when you’re getting a chance to sleep, you sleep well on your own familiar pillow. I’ve also been told the tip of making sure the pillow case is not white so it’s doesn’t get mistaken for a hospital one.
  • Magazines – Apparently TV has taught us nothing and the birth process isn’t over and done with in minutes. Having something to read during down time before and after birth comes in handy.
  • Recovery Shorts or Belly Bands (Pictured: SRC Recovery Shorts) – If you’re planning on using these during your recovery it’s recommended you have them on hand so you can start using them as soon as your midwife allows.
  • Going Home Outfit – Keeping in mind you’ll still look 6 months pregnant when leaving, I opted for something comfy that still felt ‘pretty’. Ya know just in case the paparazzi were waiting for me just like they did with Kim Kardashian. A girl’s gotta be prepared!

  • Basic Toiletries including Toothbrush, toothpaste, face cleanser, moisturizer, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, body wash and lotion (Pictured: Milk & Co Body Scrub & Lotion) – I found the easiest way to be prepared was to have new items (i.e. toothbrush) or travel containers (i.e. for face cleanser) so the bag was ready to go as is and nothing has to be taken from my bathroom when the time came.
  • Lip Balm (Pictured: Kiehls Lip Balm #1)– As someone who has spent some time in hospital, you need to keep those lips moisturized 24/7 unless you want cracked dragon lips! I would even err on the side of taking two in case you lose one.
  • Hairbrush/Hairbands/Hairdryer/Dry Shampoo – Depending on your needs you can take some or all of these. As someone who resembles a cavewoman with just a slightest bit of moisture; having some dry shampoo and a hair band for a simple ponytail in those post-birth days will make everything easier.
  • Tissues
  • Stretch Mark Cream (Pictured: Palmers Stretch Mark Cream)– Beauty experts recommend you keep slathering on this stuff for 12 weeks post birth. Plus the brand I use smells like waffles, so I may even go longer than that…
  • Maternity Pads (Pictured: Tom Organic Maternity Pads)
  • Nursing Pads (Pictured: Pigeon Nursing Pads)
  • Make-up – As much or as little as you want. For some, it is neither here nor there, for others it’s a nice pick me up to feel fresh for photos.


  • Going Home Outfit - Onesie/Hat/Socks (Pictured: Cotton On Baby Onesie // Seed Farm Animal Socks) – Most hospitals provide clothes for your new bub for the duration of their stay. So all you need is their fancy outfit for their societal debut. Which they will probably vomit all over before anyone sees them.
  • Swaddle Wraps – Again the hospital will probably provide these, but if you have a brand you want to get used to, you can always bring your own.
  • Baby Blanket (Pictured: Pottery Barn Kids Blanket)
  • Nursing Pillow (Pictured: Milkbar Nursing Pillow) – If you have a particular pillow you’d like to use, best to use it from the start.
  • Car Seat – Make sure that it has been fitted professionally, so your first trip home with baby is a safe one.
  • Nappies/Wipes – These are usually provided by the hospital, but again if you want to get used to a certain type, you can bring your own.


  • Birth Plan – If you have one.
  • All IDs, Insurance Papers & Important Documents
  • Spare Pens – To fill in the multitude of forms thrown your way.
  • Massage Oil/Heat Pack for labor.
  • Swimming shorts – In case they decide to go to the beach while you’re in labor. Actually no – it’s in case they join you in the bath and/or birth pool during the labor. Good luck to them if they actually take off to the beach.
  • Snacks/Drinks – Depending on your hospital and situation you may not be allowed to eat during labor, but just in case it’s nice to know your favorites are on hand.
  • Camera and charger – This is one time you don’t want the battery to be dead!
  • Mobile phone/s and charger – Our hospital recommended making sure all your important and emergency numbers were saved into your favorites. If you’re using your phone for music, have your favorite tunes preloaded in too.
  • Optional Extra: A list of all the foods you want to eat once that baby’s out! Sushi and champagne anyone? Ha ha!

What’s the #1 item you packed in your hospital bag that you would recommend to everyone? What didn’t you use?

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

13 10 Minute Decorating: Holiday Edition!

For the past few months, my good friend Laura from Finding Home, has organized a super fun 10 minute decorating series.  You can find my first post here, in which I DIY'd a quick and easy colorful marble tray.  The next time around it was focused on autumn, and you can find my gold "leaf" art here.

This round we were challenged to focus on the upcoming holiday season.

On our recent little vacation, I was able to do some window shopping.  I couldn't purchase much as we were limited luggage wise, however, I did spot a set of four check napkins at Sur La Table on clearance for $8.  I dove for them, got them, and brought them home.

They are the inspiration for this year's holiday decor theme.  I just love the warmth of the black and white check pattern, and decided to pair it with silvers and pinks as we sprinkle decor around our home.

But hold the phone.  Did I just type that?  Holiday?  What?

When Laura mentioned to me last week that we were already focusing on our holiday post, I went into a state of shock.  It feels too early to me, I don't typically start decorating until after Thanksgiving.  So knowing I had to come up with something, and quick (hence the 10 minute title), I selected something that would look decoratively charming in our home for the next two months regardless of a kitchen renovation and the state of the remainder of the house.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you the DIY embellished tea towel!  #andthecrowdgoeswild

Are you ready for the simplicity of this darling project?  Here is what I started with:

The reindeer was cut by my Silhouette out of Smooth Heat Transfer Material.  The best part about the material is that you do not need a Silhouette to use it (and can just Google the product to find it sold at many online retailers).  You can trace any pattern and cut it out by hand.  Just be sure to pick something with simple lines and something that won't take too long to cut.  For the rest of the project, I used the new napkins, some pink ribbon, some pom pom trim, scissors and Liquid Stitch.

Step 1:  Place the heat transfer object right where you want it located on your towel.

Step 2:  Iron into place.  I found it worked best to use parchment paper and a high heat setting to get the transfer material to really stick.

Step 3:  Using the Liquid Stitch, embellish the bottom of the towel with ribbon and trim.  No sewing required!

And ta-da!  Quick, easy, affordable and darling.  Definitely an inspirational jumping off point to begin thinking about holiday decorating.  I love that I can use these when serving guests or just to keep on display in the kitchen. 

I also did a second one that says, "Be Bright".  Instant 10 minute holiday sweetness!

If you love these types of quick projects that take very little time yet leave you smiling, then be sure to follow along with the 10 Minute Decorating series over at Finding Home; including additional tips from myself, Michael of Inspired by Charm, KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms and Jessica of Four Generations One Roof

Ten, 10 Minute Decorating Ideas for Christmas

Faux Fur Garland

Holiday Letter Bling

Holiday Ornament Napkin Holder

And we also want for YOU to join in with us!  Just share your projects with us via instagram using the hashtag #10minutedecorating and we will all be checking in to see what you creative kids are up to!

Have you started decorating for the holiday season yet?  What colors are you going with this year?

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